The Richard Morris Hunt Fellowship

An architectural exchange program

Created in 1990, this program is co-sponsored by the American Architectural Foundation ant the French Heritage Society (Formerly Friends of Vieilles Maisons Françaises, Inc.).

American Architectural Foundation

A not-for-profit public educational organization dedicated to helping people understand the power of architecture to enrich their lives and transform their communities.

AAF programs included :

  • Accent on Architecture: a year round public education program producing award-winning public television documentaries, awarding community improvement grants, and hosting an annual black-tie gala in Washington DC. to celebrate architecture.
  • The Mayors' Institute on City Design: an initiative of the National Endowment for the Arts, co-administered by the AAF and the US Conference of Mayors.
  • The Octagon Museum in Washington DC., a national Historic Landmark and the nation's oldest museum of architecture and design
  • Scholarships/ Fellowships: co-sponsored by the American Institute of Architects (AIA) awarded to American architectural students enrolled in NAAB-accredited academic programs.
  • Learning by design: a series of K-12 curriculum supplements.

The AAF in partnership with the AIA strives for national design literacy in the belief that a well trained, creative profession and an informed public are prerequisites for a community's quality of life.

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French Heritage Society

An American not-for-profit tax exempt association, created in 1982. Based on volunteer work, FHS has grown into 15 Chapters in US and one in Paris, it counts approximately 2000 members. FHS works on developing the Preservation and the Restoration of Historical Heritage in France and US. Today, supported be individuals, its members, corporations or foundations, and its fund raising efforts, FHS has participated in over 250 restoration projects selected following rigorous criteria, in both countries.

FHS runs several education programs to reinforce the wide range of its preservation goals:

  • The RMHF for architect Exchanges.
  • The Decorative Arts and Architecture Seminars for museum curators, art historians, Government representatives, architects and private arts collectors.
  • The Youth Program, cross-culture exchange geared to skilled students, in history, architecture, landscaping and other fields.
  • Highly trained Artisans Exchange Programs.

FHS is devoted to developing ties between Americans and French members sharing a deep appreciation of the historic legacy of both countries, and of a certain "Art de Vivre". FHS organizes for its members a wide range of events in its Chapters, unforgettable Great Events for its Anniversaries. Cultural trips in France and US based on specific themes giving an unique access to private places inaccessible to the public.

FHS is the Representative in the US for the French Preservation Associations: Vielles Maisons Françaises, Demeure Historique and Comité des Parcs et Jardins.

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