1804 21st of February. The steam engine of english engineer Trevithick, is the first in the world to transport tens of tons of iron, seventy passengers and five wagons from the ironworks at Penydarren to the Merthyr-Cardiff Canal, United-Kingdom.

1825 27th of September. The first line in the world between Stockton and Darlington, United-Kingdom. It is opened to the public by George Stephenson (1781-1848). It is the first time passenger traffic runs on a steam locomotive railway. An old house is used as the first origin of railroad station.

1827 30th of June. The first line in France is opened between Saint-Etienne and Audrézieux to transport coal. The 1st March 1832, the passengers have access to the line.

1830 24th of May. The first section of Baltimore & Ohio RR, US, is opened from Baltimore west to Ellicott's Mills. It transports merchandise and passengers 13 miles.

1830 15th of September. The first railroad station for passengers of the world is opened at Crown Street in the suburbs of Liverpool, United-Kingdom, for the Liverpool and Manchester Railway.

Crown Street Station in Liverpool in 1831, painting of Thomas Bury

1831 1st of April. The first railroad for passengers in France is created between Grand Croix and Givors.

1837. The first railroad station is built in France Place de l’Europe by Alfred Armand (1805-1888), architect and Eugène Flachat (1802-1873), engineer.

1846 14th of June. The architect Léonce Reynaud, builds the railroad station, gare du Nord, in Neo-classical style. Demolished partially for expanding, it is rebuilt in 1865 by Jacob-Ignaz Hittorf.

1850. The railroad station, gare de l’Est, is built by the architect, François Duquesney, in Neo-classical style. The front façade leaves to appear a part of the metallic structure of the trains-shed to the back.

Gare de l'Est in Paris

1853 14th of June. Indianapolis' Union Station is the first "union station" in the world, opened by the Terre Haute & Richmond, Madison & Indianapolis, and Bellefontaine railroads.

Union Station, Indianapolis

1869 10th of May. The East and West coasts are connected in Promontory, Utah linking Central Railroad Compagnies to Union Pacific.

1900 4th of July. The railroad station, gare d’Orsay, is built in Beaux-Arts style by the architect Victor Laloux and the engineers of the Compagnie d’Orléans.

Gare d'Orsay in Paris

1910. Pennsylvania Railroad builds Pennsylvania Station in New York City. Designed by McKim, Mead and White. It was an outstanding masterpiece of the Beaux-Arts style.

1913 2nd of February. The biggest railroad station in the world, Grand Central Station, is opened in New York. Built on two floors, it stretches 32 hectares, which includes the station and lines.

Grand Central Terminal in New York

1963 28st of October. The Pennsylvania Station in New York is demolished. This demolition is often cited as catalysts for the architectural preservation movement in the United States.

1971 31st of October. The federal government creates the National Railroad Passenger Corporation known as "Amtrak" which is a portmanteau of the words American and track.