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The discovery of the railroad stations along the tracks gave me the opportunity to meet all the different involved or not involved actors in the preservation of the transcontinental railroad line. Each of these meetings was a professional and personal enriching experience. The diversity of my interlocutors: architects, restoration architects, historian architects, engineers, curators, historians... and passionate or involved people within a foundation or an association, allowed me to open my vision to the American heritage.

My fellowship’s primary objective was to follow the transcontinental railroad line from New York to San Francisco but with some improvisation, other opportunities presented themselves. Numerous times, my route deviated to go meet people without whom this fellowship would not have been so rich.


Transport used

Meeting point
Train along the first
... transcontinental
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... transcontinental

New York
Washington DC
Promontary Summit


Fort Wayne
Mount Pleasante
Grand Island
North Platte
Rock Springs
Salt Lake City

New York City, New York

  Grand Central Terminal, meeting with James W. Rhodes
My first meeting took place in one of the American railroad station’s temples; Grand Central Terminal with James B. Rhodes who was the project’s preservation director of Beyer Blinder Belle Consortium. I could not have had a better beginning to start my subject ... Published the 11th of August 2006
  Meeting with Donald Friedman, structural engineer at Old Structures
Donald Friedman has been a structural engineer for nineteen years. Our meeting took place in his office at 225 Broadway Avenue on the 44th and the top floor. After a quick speech about the engineer work in the US, we admired the remarkable scenic view which gives us ... Published the 30th of August 2006
  Participation to the survey report of St Patrick Cathedral with Yves Deflandre, MBB
The three weeks experience at the New Yorker architectural company of Murphy Burnham & Buttrick allowed me to follow the first stages of the current survey of the St. Patrick Cathedral with Yves Deflandre, restoration architect and former Richard Morris Hunt Fellow. This contemporary ... Published the 29th of August 2006
    Pennsylvania, Pittsburgh
  Visit of Pennsylvania Station in Pittsburgh with Donald K. Carter
It was a great opportunity for me to be given access and visit the old railroad station of Pittsburgh which has been restructured in offices and apartment lots. The building counts 20 floors and contains a luxurious rotunda. Donald K. Carter, architect ... Published the 3rd of September 2006
  Meeting with Cathy McCollom, Chief Programs Officer, Pittsburgh History & Landmarks Foundation
The Pittsburgh History & Landmarks Foundation was founded in 1964. It is a non-profit historic preservation group which aims to preserve the historical heritage of the Allegheny County. Its mission is to make an inventory, to preserve architectural heritage and landscapes and to promote ... Published the 4th of September 2006
    Illinois, Chicago
  Chicago Landmarks Commission
The Commission on Chicago Landmarks, whose nine members are appointed by the Mayor and City Council, was established in 1968 by City Ordinance. It is responsible for recommending to the City Council that individual buildings, sites, objects, or entire districts be designated as ... Published the 6th of September 2006
  Meeting with Darrel G. Babuk – An architect specialized in transport networks
Darrel G. Babuk is passionate about railroad transport. He is an AIA architect, a member of the Royal Institute of Architecture of Canada and recognized as LEED AIA (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design Accredited Professional). He is also an associated partner at ... Published the 9th of September 2006
    Georgia, Atlanta
  Association for Preservation Technology International
The Association for Preservation Technology International (APT) is dedicated to promoting the best technology for conserving historic structures and their settings. Founded in 1968 as a joint venture among Canadian and United States preservationists, APT has now members in more than ... Published the 17th of September 2006
    Illinois, Chicago (2)
  Meeting with Karen A. Sweeney, Director of restoration at Frederick C. Robie
The Robie House, designed by the architect Frank Lloyd Wright, is considered as one of the master pieces of the modern style in the history of the American architecture. The architecture is characterized by great horizontals lines, important overhang of eaves and stretch stained-glass windows ... Published the 18th of September 2006
  Meeting with Mike Wagenbach – Superintendant and historian of the Pullman District
At the beginning of the 1880’s, George M. Pullman decided to build an industrial site next to the city of Chicago in order to create the Pullman Palace Car Company which manufactured luxury wagons. He followed the ideas of his time and created a community around his industrial complex. ... Published the 20th of September 2006
    Indiana, Fort Wayne
  Meeting with Victor Martin – architect of the rehabilitation of Baker Street Station
What simpler way to meet the architect who rehabilitated Baker Street Station, (formerly known as Pennsylvania Station), than in his own office situated in the former railroad station.. Built in 1910 by the company Price & McClanahan, this Arts and Crafts style building is ... Published the 25th of September 2006
    Illinois, Chicago (3)
  Meeting with Lucien Lagrange - Architect for the redevelopment of Union Station
Union Station in Chicago is a project uncompleted until now. Today, the building we know takes its place in the city and appears to us to have the original design. But in the original project, twenty floors of offices, plus three other ones set back, crowned the base of the actual head building ... Published the 27th of September 2006
  Survey of the Monroe Building's façades with Mary Brush - Klein and Hoffman, Inc
At the intersection of Monroe Street and of Michigan Avenue, the skyscraper Monroe Building faces Millennium Park. With fifteen floors, it was constructed in 1912 by the architects Holabird & Rock with a steel frame structure and terra cotta on the principal facades. ... Published the 26th of September 2006
    Ohio, Cincinnati
  Meeting with Steve Terheiden, Director facilities & Operations in Cincinnati Museum Center
My visit to the old Cincinnati Union Terminal was remarkable for different reasons. With the company of Steve Terheiden, Director facilities & Operations in Cincinnati Museum Center, I was able to discover one of the most beautiful American Art Deco railroad stations without ... Published the 29th of September 2006
    District of Columbia, Washington
  Meeting with Sherry Birk, Director of the Museum and the Collections of AAF
Our meeting with Sherry Birk, Director of the Museum and the Collections of American Architectural Foundation was at the American Architectural Foundation, located at 1799 New York Avenue, close to the White House. The two objectives for the morning: to visit the Octogan Museum, ... Published the 3rd of October 2006
  Meeting with George Siekkinen & Barbara A. Campagna, National Trust for Historic Preservation
Under publication
  Meeting with Randall J. Biallas and the different services of the National Park Service
Under publication
  Meeting with Bill Wright, PhD candidate on Union Station, Washington DC
It is always a pleasure to discover a railroad station with another perspective, to forget being an architect for a moment and to share another vision. Thanks to Bill Wright, I have been able to experience the Union Station in Washington, DC from its planning until today. His approach as ... Published the 4th of October 2006
  Meeting with Andrea Forbes Schoenfeld, historian for EHT Traceries Inc.
EEHT Traceries is a research and consulting firm specializing in architectural history and historic preservation. The firm has provided its clients with a range of professional services related to historic and cultural resources, including research, documentation, survey, evaluation, and ... Published the 10th of October 2006
  Visit with Thomas G. McDowell, US General Services Administration
General Services Administration is the owner of federal buildings in United States. The organization has more than 450 historic public buildings. It is committed to urban reinvestment and creative problem-solving to keep historic buildings viable, architecturally intact, and accessible to the public. ... Publié le 10 octobre 2006
    West Virginia, Harpers Ferry
  Meeting with Peter Dessauer, Historical architect in Harpers Ferry National Park Service
The city of Harpers Ferry in the state of West Virginia owes its protection as National Park Service thanks to its role in the modern history of the United States of America. Peter Dessauer, Historical architect in Harpers Ferry National Park Service, was my guide for the day. His enthusiasm to relive ... Published the 12th of October 2006
    West Virginia, Martinsburg
  Meeting with Matthew Grove, Architect AIA - B&O RR's roundhouses & shops in Martinsburg
The agency of Grove & Dall’olio Architects is one of those agencies who knows how to preserve a warm and family atmosphere. The principal architects, husband and wife, took themselves a passion for the railroad complex of the Baltimore & Ohio Railroad in their city ... Published the 13th of October 2006
    District of Columbia, Washington (2)
  Meeting with Lonnie J. Hovey, director of preservation at Eisenhower Executive Office Building
The Eisenhower Executive Office Building is located west of the White House at the corner of 17th street and Pennsylvania Avenue. Built between 1871 and 1888, this building is an example of the late Secon Empire French Style designed by the architect Alfred B. Mullet. With a square plan, ... Published the 16th of October 2006
    Virginia, Mount Vernon
  Visit of George Washington's mansion

Mount Vernon was the George Washington’s mansion. First president of the United States between 1789 and 1797, he lived there from more than forty five years. Several buildings formed the property which was originallya family farm. The main residence changed and extended numerous times, ... Published the 17th of October 2006

    Maryland, Baltimore
  Discovery of the train stations of Baltimore with Bo Kelly, architect
This day together with Bo Kelly, today retired architect, allowed me to discover the main stations of Baltimore. Altogether, they were rehabilitated with the exception of one which is still used as a railroad passenger station. This last one, Pennsylvania Station, is served by Amtrak and CTA. ... Published the 18th of October 2006
  Visit of Baltimore's cathedral with John G. Waite, architect AIA
The cathedral of Baltimore is the first one to have been built in the United States between 1806 and 1821 by the English architect, Benjamin Henry Latrobe. Designed in a neoclassic style, it has a cruciform plan with one coupole at the crossing transepts.. ... Published the 19th of October 2006
    Virginia, Williamsburg
  Visit of Colonial Williamsburg
Visiting Colonial Williamsburg was an interesting experience. This historic district was completely restored and reconstructed as it was at the end of the eighteenth century. This reconstruction was made according to the archaeological tracks and the existing documentation.... Published the 19th of October 2006
    Virginia, Richmond
  Discovery of the train stations of Richmond with Bryan Green, architectural historian
Bryan Green works for the Commonwealth Architects as an architectural historian. We crossed the city of Richmond, Virginia together to visit two railroad stations: Main Street Station and Broad Street Station. Main Street Station was finished in 1901 in a french neo-classic style... Published the 20th of October 2006
  Visit of the worksite of Virginia's Capitole with Jim Bailey, engineer - Hillier Architects
Thanks to Robert J. Hotes from the company Hillier Architecture, who provided me the opporutnity to viisit the worksite of Virginia’s Capitole with Jim Bailey, engineer responsable for the planification. The work under progress consisted of the restoration of ... Published the 20th of Ooctober 2006
    Iowa, Mount Pleasant
  Discovery of the train stations of Mount Pleasant with Donald Young, retired
Mount Pleasant was a very atypical stage. My stop in this city was owed to the reading of a book on the nicest American railway stations. The railroad station turned out to be a common depot of the beginning of the twentieth century standardized by the railroad companies. In this instance, ... Published the 24th of October 2006
    Nebraska, Omaha
  Discussion with John E. Bromley, Dir historic projects at Union Pacific Railroad
This meeting with John E. Bromley gave me the opportunity to confront my fellowship with one of the railroad companies that still exists and has made the history of the first transcontinental line of the United States between Omaha, Nebraska and Sacramento, Californie. ... Published the 25th of October 2006
  Meeting with Bruce D. Carpenter, architect AIA at HDR
With projects across the United States and in more than sixty countries, HDR employs more than 500 persons throughout the world. The agency is specialized in architecture and engineering and offers its services of consulting on complex problems such as transportation and ... Published the 26th of October 2006
    Nebraska, Grand Island
  Meeting with , Marvin Webb, architect AIA - Webb & Company architects
My meeting with Marvin Webb, architect in Grand Island, started with the visit of Burlington Depot, renamed Plum Street Station. Member of Hall County Historical Society, he contributed with other members of the society to buy the depot to the railroad company which was going to ... Published the 30th of Ooctober 2006
    Nebraska, North Platte
  Meeting with Stephen P. Granger, architect AIA - CG Architects
My meeting with Stephen Granger was in Cozad, Nebraska where the depot had been reconverted into offices. Its rehabilitation was only possible thanks to the will of the inhabitants. By the request of Union Pacific, to secure the depot, they had to relocate its original. The depot was ... Published the 1st of November 2006
    Wyoming, Cheyenne
  Meeting with Glen Garrett, architect AIA
My meeting with Glen Garrett, architect AIA, was in his office two steps from the railroad station of Cheyenne. We talked at the beginning about the importance of the station in the history of the city and, during the visit of the station we talked about its history. The interest for Glen Garrett ... Published the 2nd of November 2006
    Wyoming, Rock Springs
  Meeting with Charles Van Over, architect AIA & Bob Nelson, Museum Coordinator
Charles Van Over, architect AIA in Rock Springs, Wyoming was in charge of the rehabilitation of Rawlins’ and Rock Springs’ railroad stations. Both railroad stations have been designed at the beginning of the nineteenth century in eclectic style mixing brick architecture with ... Published the 8th of November 2006
    Wyoming, Evanston
  Meeting with Barbara Allen Bogart, director of Uinta County Museum
This meeting with Barbara Allen Bogart, Director of Uinta County Museum, Wyoming was very interesting. I was able to see an unusual approach in the United States with respect to the local heritage by the interest that the municipality of Evanston has in its manner to finance or to look for ... Published the 9th of November 2006
    District of Columbia, Washington (3)
  Visit with Caroline R. Alderson, US General Services Administration
Caroline R. Alderson, the Program Manager at the Center for Historic Buildings at GSA Office of Chief Architects, has been one of the people responsible for a part of the preservation of the buildings on the GSA website. The agency, which has been in charge of all the federal buildings ... Published the 13th of November 2006
    Utah, Morgan
  Discovery along the railroad line
I devoted a few days of my voyage between New York and San Francisco exploring railroad stations along the transcontinental railroad line, which I never would have heard about or for which no pre-arranged appointment would have been possible. More often than not, these days ... Published the 16th of November 2006
    Utah, Promontory Summit
  Meeting with Bret Guisto, archeologist - Golden Spike National Historic Site
My meeting with Bret Guisto, archelogist of the national park allowed me to apprehend the site and to take stock the other depot around the place of which only few traces still exist, essentially foundations: Lucin, Terrace, …I have discovered during our discussion some important informations ... Published the 22nd of November 2006
    Utah, Salt Lake City
  Meeting with Peter L. Goss, Professor of Architecture & Donald C. Hartley, Division of State History
My meeting with Peter L. Goss took place in the old Denver & Rio Grande Railroad Station which had been converted for the State of Utah - Department of Community & Culture and archives. He introduced me to Donald C. Hartley, architect at State of Utah ... Published the 27th of November 2006
    California, Sacramento
  Meeting with Kyle Wyatt, Curator of History & Technology at California State Railroad Museum
Sacramento was one of the two departure points of the transcontinental railroad line in 1863. It was finished in 1869, and would take six years for the Central Pacific Railroad Company to join its competitor, Union Pacific Railroad Company, at Promontory Summit, Utah. A part of... Published the 1st of December 2006
    California, Lincoln
  Meeting with Mike Moraes, Terra Cotta Manager at Gladding, McBean
During my fellowship, I have been able to appreciate an unusual material in France: the glazed architectural terra cotta. Present in majority of the American buildings designed during the nineteenth and the beginning of the twentieth centuries, this material was appreciated and used ... Published the 4th of December 2006
    California, San Francisco
  Meeting with Warren Sitterley, US General Services Administration
The old Post office of San Francisco has been converted today into the U.S. Court of Appeals Building. I came originally to see the seismic retrofitting of the building and what I discovered with the help of Warren Sitterley, US General Services Administration, was a jewel ... Published the 6th of December 2006
  Regional Transportation system - Transbay Transit Center
My fellowship began a couple of months ago in New York and will finish in San Francisco. My first approach in the preservation started with two mains events in New York History; the restoration of Grand Central Terminal and the demolition of Pennsylvania Station. On the other coast, ... Published the 7th of December 2006
    Massachussets, Boston
  Visit of Boston with Stanley Moïse Smith - Historic Boston Incorporated
There are some meetings which allow you to explore and contemplate the philosophic aspect of preservation in the United States. The meeting with Stanley M. Smith allowed me to confront the point of view I had already formed during my fellowship. Throughout the different visits... Published the 11th of December 2006
    California, Stanford
  Research at Stanford University Archives, Department of Special Collections - Margaret Kimbal
My day at Stanford University Archives was dedicated to doing some research on railroad stations in general and researching the local depots that I had already visited or had not heard about. Passing through impressive surroundings I went to Green Library ... Published the 14th of December 2006
    New Jersey, Hoboken
  Meeting with George Beckwith, architect AIA at Beyer Blinder Belle
Under publication
    New Jersey, Neware
  Meeting with Allen Kratz, Real Estate & Economic Development Division - NJ Transit
Under publication